Data and Systems Integration

In the publishing industry, mergers and acquisitions are commonplace, and we have 20 years’ experience in ensuring the necessary data and systems integration is undertaken successfully.

On 29th October 2012, one of the biggest mergers in publishing history was announced, the £2.5bn deal that will create Penguin Random House.

We’ve worked with a range of different publishing clients including Elsevier, Harcourt and Taylor & Francis; with list and company mergers and disposals, ensuring their primary systems have the optimal data they need to perform. These acquisitions have included:

  • Hodder Higher Education
  • Informa Healthcare
  • Earthscan
  • Architectural Press
  • Focal Press
  • A K Peters
  • Willan
  • Acumen
  • Eye on Education
  • QMP
  • Brill
  • BRE
  • Butterworth Heinemann
  • Harcourt
  • Mosby
  • Morgan Kauffman
  • CRC Press
  • The Psychological Corporation (now Pearson Assessment)

What sort of data needs to be considered?

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Backorders
  • Stopped/forward orders
  • Pricing
  • Market restrictions
  • Discounts
  • eBook / product hierarchy
  • Marketing blurb
  • Royalties (contracts, ledgers etc.)
  • Sales ledger (debt)
  • Sales History – atomic detail and life summary

Unglamorous and if done well, almost unnoticed, data migration and integration isn’t something many people get passionate about. Without proper planning and execution, however, badly handled data certainly does get noticed; without trusted historical data, profitability and competitive advantage can be severely compromised. This is why we pay extra special attention to detail and take the time to understand your business processes as well as the data/systems being integrated.

If you’re heading into a merger or going through an acquisition and need someone you can trust to handle your Data and Systems Integration requirements, please contact us.