Contracts, Rights and Royalties (CR&R) solutions

Within the publishing sector, the drive to digital is making most publishers consider an upgrade to their existing rights and royalties system(s).

Let us improve your current royalties solution or work with you to select and implement the right contract, rights and royalties (CR&R) solution for you.

Questions we’ve been asked about CR&R:

  • How should I handle eBooks?
  • How should I set up my CR&R products for chapters, pages, objects?
  • I’ve gone from 1 source of sales to 50+ now I’m dealing with so many eBook aggregators – help
  • Should I provide online access to Royalties information to my Authors, and if so, how?
  • How long does it typically take to implement a new CR&R system?
  • What is the benefit for having a single rights and royalties solution?
  • I want my contracts to be template driven, fed from the royalties data.

We have successfully undertaken contract, rights and royalties (CR&R) software package reviews for many publishers. Our industry knowledge of requirements and the IT solutions available is therefore vital in assisting the publisher make the right decision. Commonly assessed packages include:

  • Publishing Technology – VISTA Royalties
  • Publishing Technology – Advance CR&R
  • Klopotek – PPM
  • Real Software Systems – Alliant
  • VirtuSales – Biblio Royalties
  • LittleJohn – Avatar
  • Metacomet – Royalty Tracker
  • plus bespoke solutions

Having chosen the most appropriate solution for a publisher, we then assist with the wider project, including:

  • Implementation of the chosen solution
  • Data conversion from current solution(s)
  • Interface to ledgers
  • Online author portal
  • BI reporting
  • Digital asset management (store contracts, author correspondence etc.)

Publishers are now demanding flexible product definition (so, eBooks, chapters etc.), web portal for authors to digest their own data, contracts workflow, DAMS to store physical contracts/correspondence and more.

We have written several thought leadership articles in the publishing press around CR&R:

If you would like to talk to us in more detail about Contracts, Rights and Royalties (CR&R) with book publishing, please contact us.