OpenVMS, RMS, RDB and DCL Vax support

As a company using OpenVMS (formerly VAX/VMS), Influential can provide operational support, maintenance and development effort for your system. We have over 20 years’ experience of all elements of VMS and can also assist with system performance, networking, DCL, programming and databases (RMS/RDB) as well as any migration plans you have away from OpenVMS to another operating system

OpenVMS commercialized many features that are now considered standard requirements for any high-end server operating system and we can supply you with support in each area. These include:
* Integrated computer networking (originally DECnet and later, TCP/IP)

* Symmetrical, asymmetrical, and NUMA multiprocessing, including clustering

* Integrated database features such as RMS and layered databases including RDB

* Support for multiple programming languages including COBOL, BASIC and Powerhouse

* An extensible shell command language (DIGITAL Command Language or DCL)

* Hardware partitioning of multiprocessors

For further information on OpenVMS, you could visit, OpenVMS hobbyist portal or HP’s OpenVMS.

If you would like to talk to us in more detail about these or any other areas on our website, please contact us.