06/11 Influential recruit interns from local Kent/Essex/London universities

Posted on Monday 13th June 2011 9:46

Influential Software (http://www.influentialsoftware.com) have recently recruited a number of interns from Kent based Universities. They will be working with our established team and we look forward to exchanging knowledge

Interns Simon Barnes, Robert Day and Matthew Bacon, all from Kent, will work closely with Influential’s existing team. A fourth intern, Matthew Gould, will also join Influential Software in September.

Simon and Robert are both 3rd year Computer Science students at the University of Kent, while Matthew is an apprentice who has been studying an HNC in Computer Systems at K College.

Simon, 20, will initially be researching JasperReports, the world’s most popular open source reporting engine, in order to generate enterprise grade reports from databases.

Robert, also 20, will initially be investigating automated testing software for websites and web-applications. Automated test software (in this case selenium) allows a standardised framework for running a suite of automatic tests over a website or web-application, testing functionality, reliability and accuracy. This kind of automation is at the heart of test-driven development ensuring high quality and robust applications.

Matthew, 19, is helping to investigate new techniques in building virtualised environments for our development projects. Virtualisation delivers the ability to propagate multiple server environments on a single physical server and is a core technology in the Cloud Computing paradigm.