04/11 SEEDA Innovation Grant with the University of Kent

Posted on Tuesday 14th June 2011 9:45

Influential qualify for a SEEDA Innovation Grant with the University of Kent to co-develop key software

Influential Software (http://www.influentialsoftware.com), supplier of bespoke software and business intelligence solutions, has won a £12,000 investment from SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) to develop access management in the cloud with the University of Kent (UKC).

The project, named ‘Data secured in the cloud’, sees Influential working with Professor David Chadwick of UKC, to write a PHP-based access control service.

Professor Chadwick, pre-eminent in the field of access control, and a team of post-graduate developers will, along with Influential Software, design the service to work with the Amazon EC1 cloud computing environment.

The new access control service will allow Influential’s forthcoming, cloud-based, publisher’s business intelligence system (ATLAS) to be accessed via existing logins, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The project will also allow academics to log in securely using their own credentials, a key benefit to client publishers.