09/15 Four new apprentices start careers in Software Development

Posted on Monday 14th September 2015 9:48

Influential welcomes new recruits to the Maidstone team

Apprenticeships LogoAfter recently signing up to the National Apprenticeship Service this summer we are very pleased to welcome four promising apprentices this week, joining our 50-strong Software Development Team.

All the apprentices will be learning .NET, Java and Web (PHP) development based in our new 5,000 sq ft office in Maidstone, Kent.

A new beginning in development

After leaving local schools in the area the new recruits Stuart Manser, Josh Hobbs, Sam Collins and Lybin Babu will begin their careers by undertaking an 8 week training course through the local apprenticeship specialists 3AAA Maidstone Academy. Study modules are selected by both Academy trainers and Influential developers to ensure their content helps develop the skills needed for the day-to-day roles the apprentices will be taking on board within software development.

The new recruits bring a mix of experience to the team, some having tried development work before while others are fresh to the industry, but all performed well in our open day and showed an aptitude and desire to become professional software developers. All have been allocated an experience mentor (Senior Developers) and will have a customised training regime devised for them which will including classroom sessions, on-the-job training and bug-fixing, on-line training as well as a group project.

Influential futures

Influential have long invested in young, local talent and are proud to have a number of highly trained, professional development staff members who started their careers as either interns or apprentices here at Influential Software. While the Government recently announced a new apprenticeship plan we are already ahead of the curve and fully believe that investing in our workforce is also investing in the future success of our business.

In terms of starting a career, apprenticeships are now firmly established as great alternatives to university study. In fact, one thing that can often hold back new university graduates is not having the level of work experience required to begin a career in their chosen field. With an apprenticeship, though, new recruits are actually doing the job they want while they qualify.

The apprentices are not the only ones to benefit. As employees Influential are rewarded by seeing raw talent develop into well trained professionals – skilled developers who often wish to remain within the company as it continues to grow. Maidstone also sees an investment in the local economy and the community as a whole.

Find out more

While the Influential Software Apprenticeship Scheme is now currently full we will be looking for further intakes in future.
If you are interested then either contact us today, or simply drop us an email. You can also register your interest in becoming an apprentice with the 3AAA Maidstone Academy.

We have a large team of developers with our Software Development Services with specialists working with Microsoft and open source platforms to create bespoke elements to enhance clients’ BI solutions. We can also delivering an unlimited range of solution types to connect data, applications to meet your business requirements. If you have any questions please complete our contact form, or telephone 020 7337 6136 for more information.