04/12 S&G chases debts in realtime using Influential iPad solution

Posted on Tuesday 24th April 2012 2:48

A bespoke iPad application to help bailiffs quickly track down unpaid council tax, road traffic debt and other public debts has been masterminded by Influential Software.

The web-based iPad application has been created specifically for Stanford and Green (S&G), a medium sized bailiff company working on behalf of 15 local authorities in the south east. The new solution which has been rolled out to all 10 of S&G’s bailiffs replaces the company’s former digital pen and microdot paper system.

It will allow personnel to search and enquire while on cases in the field, capture information about the charge payer, record diary notes, apply charges, take payments, make other arrangements and communicate directly with S&G’s clients, office staff and other bailiffs in real time.

Martin Stanford, Managing Director of S&G, said: “Since using the new iPad application, we have raised productivity levels and seen a substantial increase in the amount of money we are collecting. We have found the application easy to use and real time access has been a great benefit to our bailiffs. We are now looking forward to working closely with Influential Software to develop this further and incorporate more advanced features.”

Influential Software is now working on the next phase of developing the application so that it interfaces with Google Maps and includes added features such as a visit information dashboard and a notification system for urgent calls, tasks and information.

Andy Richardson, CEO of Influential Software, said: “The hidden story behind the runaway success of the iPad is that many businesses are turning to a device developed as the ultimate consumer product to improve the productivity and efficiency of their workers. S&G is one of a growing number of companies coming to us to commission bespoke iPad or smartphone applications as they’ve realised that they enable them to do away with paper-based forms and sheer ease of use means they can get staff to deliver information straight into their back-end computer systems without the task seeming confusing or a chore. We’re delighted to have worked with S&G on this project and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”

Influential Software is also responsible for managing all of S&G’s hardware, network and IT infrastructure, including its web hosting.