SAP Predictive Analytics

SAP’s predictive analytics solution is revolutionising the way — and the ease with which — business users can leverage big data to make better decisions.

SAP Predictive Analytics offers clear advantages over traditional data-mining tools, chiefly stemming from its ease of use which empowers users:

Productive: Predictive Analytics processes are made efficient; with automated data preparation, modeling and deployments tasks. Accuracy: In addition to requiring much less human time, accuracy is increased by taking all predictive variables into account to eliminate human error.
Quick start: Only brief training required for enablement to use best-in-class analytics. Low TCO: Leverage existing infrastructure without further investment.
No PhD required: Sophisticated yet easy to build models and deploy in a few clicks; no need for highly skilled data scientists. Big Data made user-friendly: No expert assistance required for analysis of tera- and petabytes of data, with 100,000s of variables.
Building Corporate Knowledge: Insights are not limited to individuals, rather knowledge can be shared and retained within your organisation, improving business models and processes.


It prevents fraud, allows marketers to optimise budgets and manufacturers to improve efficiency and quality: What could Predictive Analytics do for you?.

Predictive Analytics solves problems and unlocks opportunities: Click here for full-size infographic.

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