IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence

Ensure you deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

Gain Insights from your Customers
IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence transforms data about your customers into insights and recommendations. This helps your organisation understand and interact effectively with individual customers based on their buying behaviour, online activity, social media presence and more. Giving your business the ability to take actions that drive long-term customer value and loyalty.
Develop Customer Relationships and Loyalty
IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence builds on customer data to create a comprehensive view of each customer and understanding their individual needs. This develops relationships and loyalty with the empowered, “always on” consumer.
Deliver Relevant, Personalised and Effective Results
IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence ensures interactions with customers are coordinated, optimised and effective. Relevant customer data is gathered automatically from multiple internal and external sources then the integrated software solution uses advanced analytics to model customer behaviour. Real-time scoring then offers customised actions, which can be taken to effectively interact with each customer ensuring you can deliver a personalised relevant offer at the point of impact; boosting customer satisfaction and sales revenue.

Powered by IBM SPSS this Predictive Customer Intelligence solution goes beyond upselling and cross-selling to create personalised interactions which are enabled by:

  • Predictive analytics turns data into insights helping you anticipate an individual customers behaviour
  • Decision management which transforms predictive model scoring into an appropriate action
  • Real-time scoring to generate and re-generate predictions instantaneously
  • Cross-campaign optimisation identifies the most profitable decision for each customer
  • Customer lifetime value segmentation to classify customers and provide recommendations for retention

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence workflow (from “IBM Software Business Analytics – The new frontier for personalized customer experience: IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence”)

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence - Workflow Diagram
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Big Data and Analytics. Discover a solution that helps provide a relevant and personalised customer experience to all channels.
YouTube 'Play' button Providing the total customer experience with IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence [Video, 02:55]

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence delivers instant insight for the best course of action based on analysis of customer data, transforming customer experience.
YouTube 'Play' button Deliver the best action to your front line with Predictive Customer Intelligence [Video, 03:25]

The IBM Redguide ebook “IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence” has great information on how PCI can improve your Customer Experience: Retain and Delight Your Customers by Applying IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence [PDF, 22pp / 765KB]

  • Enhance your customer relationships across all your channels and touch pointsPowered by SPSS
  • Produce personalised customer offers and recommendations
  • Learn from real-world case studies across various industries

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