Dynistics Dashboards

With 18,000 active users each day, the Dynistics’ products; Active Dashboards and Active Scoreboards help companies of all sizes increase efficiency and productivity; delivering valuable, engaging, accessible, interactive visualisations — and with a tangible ROI.

See how three specific verticals benefit today from Active Dashboards and Active Scoreboards;

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Dynistics’ college dashboard software informs robust curriculum planning and review, to ensure that the college can:

  • Stay competitive and attractive in comparison to other colleges in your region
  • Meet priorities in terms of local skills shortages
  • Reach and engage with the disadvantaged and local unemployed

For Universities, Active Dashboards’ student data analysis software gives you the real-time ability to:

  • Measure success of your recruitment campaigns against marketing spend
  • Understand current student admissions against plan
  • Geographically map domestic and international student applications
  • Effectively manage the clearing process
  • Monitor attendance and student engagement KPIs

Active Dashboards alertsFor Recruitment, Active Dashboards’ real-time reporting allows you to:

  • Quickly identify recruitment campaign performance against plan
  • Integrate social media sources – LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards with in-house CRM systems
  • Spot underlying trends and patterns in KPIs – time to hire, cost per hire, activity counts and ratios and reasons for withdrawals
  • Uncover patterns in recruiter behaviour – call volumes, call times, call durations

In order to:

  • Increase ROI on marketing campaign and advertisement spend
  • Improve candidate engagement by having a fuller picture of their interests, motivation and goals
  • Understand and replicate real key drivers for successful outcomes
  • Inform staff training to improve recruiter performance

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