ATLAS Business Intelligence SaaS

ATLAS is the culmination of Influential’s initiative to combine the lessons learned from enterprise scale Business Intelligence projects with the needs of the publishing industry to deliver a BI package that is affordable for any business and easy to implement: Our goal has been to develop a BI solution that encapsulated the essence of enterprise BI needs, but smashing through the barrier to entry of a large up-front capital expense. 2014 will see this dream come to life.

The Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS; whereby software can be accessed instantly and paid for on a monthly subscription basis, i.e. Cloud computing environment) is a means, now prevalent, to provide a BI platform that does not require technical specialists to implement.

ATLAS is aimed squarely at any business who would like to be able to achieve the following goals without making a significant capital investment:

• Accurately track the performance and profitability of their saleable content
• Monitor trends and opportunities within their marketplace quickly and easily
• Obtain customised reporting across their entire business direct to their inbox
• Make insightful enquiries using a simple to use but massively powerful web application
• Create business dashboards and ad-hoc analysis to directly illustrate business drivers

ATLAS was conceived to provide an end-to-end solution to solve the common data challenges we encounter within publishing and to encompass all the lessons we have learnt in delivering numerous successful reporting and data management projects to develop a new type of centralised data management and reporting application.

How does it work?

We’ve built a multi-faceted Business Intelligence portal hosted in our secure, high-performance cloud. You just need to send us your data feeds (we can help you with this) and we’ll transform flat data like product, customer, sales & financials into readily interpreted, hard hitting facts and figures about your business. All you need to do is log on and start using one of several easy access methods.

Why does it work?

It works because we have worked our magic in consuming, transforming and handing back data many times over for our enterprise clients, learning about the challenges they face and by definition the challenges other similar businesses will face, so that we can be sure the way we’re interpreting and handing back your data is the way you need it to understand the drivers and opportunities in your business.

It works because it can cope with any size of input system, from “no system” where data is stored mainly in spreadsheets to any of the leading publishing platforms holding 100s or even 1000s or books, journals and digital products.

It works because we’ll take care of your data by making sure that we’ve worked with you to see how we can health-check it at the point of entry, so you never need worry about inaccuracies, no one source of the truth or hours wasted compiling manual reports

Trusted Attribute Aggregation Service (TAAS)

TAAS is a superior version of federated authentication, which has been held up as the Holy Grail of access management for many years. It has the added advantage of giving individual users control over which of their user credentials will be handed over to cloud service providers. This means that, unlike many alternatives, the framework fulfills the requirements of the EU’s Data Protection Legislation. It also fills a significant gap in the British education identity system, the UK Access Management Federation, which currently doesn’t provide users with control or consent over which of their user credentials are transferred from one provider to another.

Users accessing our new cloud-based business intelligence solution, ATLAS, will log-in to the service using the TAAS framework, which has been built into the heart of the application, following a partnership between Influential and the University of Kent’s research team.

More Details

ATLAS is formed of a number of key components designed to allow our customers to pick and choose the approach that’s right for them.

To see our presentation from the London Book Fair, download ATLAS presentation.

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