Actian Vectorwise – Big Data

From 1st September 2012, Influential are pleased to have signed an agreement to be a partner for Actian’s Vectorwise product – a record-breaking analytical database

High-Performance Analytics and Record Breaking Action Engine for Big Data

The record-breaking Vectorwise database helps organizations take action on Big Data. Experience faster query performance using less hardware.

Analyze More Data Faster

When data volumes explode, traditional databases become slow and expensive. Vectorwise helps organizations analyze and monetize Big Data faster, yet requires less hardware and virtually no database tuning. Vectorwise delivers a generational leap in performance on commodity hardware by leveraging the latest features in modern CPUs. As a result, Vectorwise delivers record-breaking performance, price/performance and energy efficiency, all backed up by world-class support from Actian.

Faster Performance, Affordable Analytics

Vectorwise is the fastest and most cost-effective database for interactive reporting, data analysis and business intelligence. Vectorwise allows you to create BI projects faster, and gives BI users access to reports sooner. Empower end users to drill down into millions, or even billions of rows of data in just seconds. Unlock the potential of your data and turn insight into business value faster.

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If you would like to talk to us in more detail about your Actian Vectorwise or any elements of BI, please contact us.