Tipping point, as eBook sales outstrip traditional print

Posted on Wednesday 21st May 2014 10:36

The recent announcement that eBooks now outsell printed volumes has been interpreted as a pessimistic outlook for the publishing industry¹. But rather than a “death knell”, this is a signal that consumers are ringing in changes to which publishers must rapidly respond; to accept the significant role eBooks play within their offering. Yesterday, Bloomsbury chief executive, Nigel Newton, said: “We have continued to grasp the opportunities offered by the digital revolution to build a growing profitable, sustainable and balanced twenty-first century publishing business.” as part of announcing 11% growth in revenue over the year².

Kindle book sales are estimated by Forbes to bring annual revenues of $620M-$1.2B to Publishers³, with 25% of titles at the start of this year produced by independent publishers4. It seems the eBook revolution has brought more opportunity to self- and smaller publishers, further highlighting the urgency for the mega-publishers to adapt if they wish to retain their current market share.
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