50 days on from “Mobilegeddon”; has Google impacted your web traffic?

Posted on Thursday 11th June 2015 10:45

After Google’s latest search algorithm release that threatened to punish non-mobile-friendly websites’ search rankings began roll out on April 21st, how are websites’ Google ranking affected?

Over the two months leading up to the date when Google were to alter their search algorithm1, the number of mobile-friendly sites increased by 4.7%2. Most organisations were already well-aware of the importance of a mobile-friendly site; with mobile traffic overtaking desktop visits last year3. However, there are some surprises, high-profile losers from Google’s “sea change”. Among the 3,000 websites most visited in the UK, these underwent the biggest gains and losses in Google search rank4:

Websites whose search ranking changed the most since latest Google algorithm change4. Arrow length proportional to gain/loss.

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