Research and Development

We specialise in the area of advanced Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence. We are currently working on a project, under the banner of “Atlas”; this project is about identifying new roads in DW as a discipline, the underpinning aims can be summarised as follows:

To develop a standard re-usable DW methodology as a “package”.

To create a new DW descriptive language, nominally a DWML (Data Warehouse Mark-up Language)

  • Allowing multiple deployment – streamlining deployment
  • Producing significant savings in failed implementations
  • Create common scenarios and relationships with other business data

Utilise open-source technology to produce standardised support tools

  • Increasing reliability of end product
  • Huge saving in costs of standard licensed software products
  • Re-usability and development by the open-source community

It is our view that the development of this DWML and the standards it comprises will put us in a unique position to offer lower TCO and open up the SME market to viable DW projects.