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September 2014: Watson:

What will IBM Watson mean for business?

The last week has seen a significant step in the development of IBM’s Watson1; overall described as a ‘huge “Gutenberg-scale” inflection point’ [in history]2.

So what is Watson and how will it empower businesses?

Watson is leading-edge Artificial Intelligence technology still in development, currently used in medical research to refer to huge volumes of scientific journals – and most famous for less-commercial applications such a winning Jeopardy! in 2011. But in conjunction with Business Intelligence tooling, this software is set to inject profoundly powerful capabilities of natural language comprehension (advanced to the extent of appreciating irony3) into our ability to find answers rapidly; that is cognitive computing.

This extra dimension combines the best of both worlds of obtaining insight; of analytics’ already now very powerful ability to process large amounts of structured data rapidly combined with Google-style search abilities for relevant documents – but also searching those documents and answering the question. This will greatly enhance all the current offerings of Business Intelligence: to query data about our business with the added ease of natural language; to find out insights about our customers, their behaviour and what they are likely to buy – and to glean public sentiment about our brands by comprehending every mention of them on social media.

If you would like your operations to stay ahead of the rest, get in touch to discuss how Watson can develop your business, keep up-to-date and be among the first companies to benefit.

Further reading: A Computer Called Watson – a potted history of the project.  Official site.

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1. IBM supercomputer Watson aims to help businesses, BBC News
2. Tom Friedman: The 401k Society, The Huffington Post.
3. A Computer Called Watson

June 2014:

Visualising World Cup – or company – Data

Whether you want to want to visualise football statistics, or corporate data to inform business decisions, advances in analytics technology mean more powerful analysis is readily available to all professionals, without a need for specialist data skills.

Mapping World Cup winners

World Cup winners

These visualisations, which can be produced easily with SAP Lumira, simultaneously show various values: World Cup ranking, points, and goals scored for each team (below); and which countries rank top (left) [click images for full visualisations].

Business users can produce equally clear presentations of data around, e.g. company performance; which teams / regions / departments are performing better, and how this relates to their resources or local market conditions.

To discuss which technology would be the most appropriate for bringing your company valuable visualisation capabilities, please contact us.

World Cup ranking, points, and goals scored for each team

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April 2014: Watson is helping to fight Cancer

IBM Watson is helping to diagnose cancer

You may have seen reports of IBM Watson winning Jeopardy

and as you might imagine, this ground-breaking computing power has many applications.

“Big Data on steroids”: Watson helps to fight brain cancer [BBC news].

Find out how Watson is helping clinicians at a cancer centre in Houston find insights from patient and research information; click here [PDF 2pp].

Watson is currently helping to diagnose brain cancer and determine which treatment is the most appropriate, by analysing the DNA of cancer patients. Watson tackles a tough, time-consuming problem; sequencing DNA and ‘reading’ scientific publications to ascertain the behaviour of suspect genes. Read IBM article

Watson is already saving the great costs of scientists performing this work. Clearly, there are far-reaching possibilities for such powerful analysis of unstructured and semi-structured data, such as the vast amounts of scientific information published in journals and papers.

“Watson represents the first
generation of a new class of
computers – cognitive computers.
This is probably year 2 of a 20 year shift”

Manoj Saxena
General Manager, IBM Watson Solutions

Watson in development 

To learn more about Watson, click here [flickr] or contact us to find out how this revolutionary technology can transform your company’s performance. Do share your thoughts via our Facebook page.

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What will you do with Watson?

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Reputational risk
April 2014: Reputational Risk:

Controlling corporate finances — and reputation

With respected institutions facing inquiries (even the Financial Conduct Authority itself), it seems no establishment is protected from exposure to reputational risk; which can cause inestimable damage.


Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions

SAP solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance

Beyond mandatory reports, easily create reports for on-demand insight. To read more, click here [Issuu, 12pp].

Video overview of SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions
This 3-minute video shows how SAP solutions secure your Enterprise with governance, risk and compliance.

Such inquiries sift at great length through multiple records of communication, decisions and finances. The length to which company records need to be probed is reduced if your organisation is in a ready state to be audited. Managing all corporate financial data via a Business Intelligence solution means evidence of compliance or accountability is always readily available to answer to alleged misdemeanours.

Always being in the best possible position for an audit is within the capabilities of a solution such as IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

To guard against reputational risk, SAP offer a suite of solutions around Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), which:

  • Maximise ongoing risk visibility and compliance assurance
  • Protect value by proactively preventing and mitigating risks
  • Increase and sustain performance across key business processes

Safeguard your bottom line by automating risk and controls, monitoring and ensuring regulatory compliance, and establishing clear board oversight, with real-time visibility to manage risk, regulations and stakeholder expectations.

Click here to learn more about SAP governance, risk, and compliance solutions.

To find out more about implementing an effective, complete Business Intelligence solution to facilitate demonstration of compliance with regulations as well as minimising reputational risk, please  contact us .

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