Email Bulletins: Analytics for marketing

May 2014: Behavioural Analytics powers personalised and interactive marketing

May 2014: Keep up with customers – as well as the competitors

April 2014: Making Best Use of Marketing Budget with Predictive Analytics:

Precise Marketing spend for optimal return

The full flow of data detailing customer activity; not only sales, but interaction with your website, with your brand on Social Media, means a thorough understanding of consumer demand and behaviour; offering a significant opportunity to inform how best to use marketing budget.

Predictive analytics of customer data informs optimal marketing spend: Which demographics are most worthwhile targeting? Through what means / media? How will each customer react to your offering, and – beyond this – how can you best personalise the approach to each customer?

How are the most successful companies applying analytics?

Customer analytics pay off

To read an overview of ways leading companies are applying analytics to marketing, please click here [16pp]

This great opportunity requires meeting the challenge to equip your company with apt, interconnected analytics technology. With 21 years’ experience helping the publishing sector get most value from business intelligence, Influential Software can help to guide an optimal implementation of predictive analytics, to bring into effect its powerful capabilities.

To learn about the challenge, opportunity – and need for marketing scientists, please click here

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, or to read “Marketing science: From descriptive to prescriptive”, click here [PDF, 8pp]

To understand how leading marketers fully harness the opportunity of data analytics, please click here [PDF, 8pp].

For more around applying IBM Predictive Analytics to marketing, please click here.

SAP offer this iGuide to marketing in the age of analytics: “How Analytics Is Changing the Game for Marketers”.

To discuss how we can help you to move forward with planning the analytics solution that meet your current and future marketing requirements, please contact us.

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