About us

Influential is driven by a mission to deliver top quality solutions for our customers with one core set of objectives: To drive revenue, underpin growth and enhance profitability.

We achieve this by delivering tailor-made solutions, using the perfect balance of software developed by our team of software engineering and business process experts, backed up by unbeatable tools from the world’s leading software vendors, such as SAP Business Objects and IBM Cognos. We achieve this balance by engaging with our customers so we understand their drivers, concerns and opportunities in a way that makes Influential an indispensable business partner. In short, we’re in it for the long-term.

We have proven experience and methodologies to ensure that Business Intelligence and reporting projects not only deliver ROI in themselves, but also unlock the true potential of past investment made in software, infrastructure and process. Our BI projects are all about empowerment of the end user to get the data they need to see the truth and seize opportunity.

Since 1993 we’ve been working with some of the world’s foremost academic publishers, to help them succeed in scores of projects ranging from enterprise-level business intelligence and data-warehousing to data conversions resulting from acquisitions, vendor selection exercises, bespoke software development and systems process consultancy. Whilst the range of tasks undertaken has been vast, the outcomes have been uniform in their success.

As we’ve grown on the back of this, we’ve built a team of experts to underpin these various endeavours, backed up by support our clients can truly rely upon. Thanks to this scalable approach our expertise has widened to other verticals; witnessed by our diverse client base.

At Influential, we are fluent in:

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